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Franchising & Licensing Asia 2016
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FLAsia 2016 welcomes brands across industries!
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Some brands to look forward to...
CHICK N ROLL - Indonesia  

It started with the dream of serving the world’s most flavourful chicken. After travelling the world, testing authentic fried chicken and curating the best; Chick N Roll was unleashed by mixing cultures, flavours and techniques. Be part of Chick N Roll, where each piece of chicken sold is guaranteed to be tasty, perfectly glazed and crunchy.
FIPPER - Malaysia  

Business opportunities are available with Fipper, where success comes from the concept of combining innovative design with diverse colours for all footwear lovers. Fipper enjoys a good reputation for producing high-quality and comfortable footwear with stylish designs. Fipper owns their own designs’ moulds to ensure that slippers are original, of high quality and only contain natural rubber.

SHANE has been a global leader in English language education since the establishment of its first schools in Tokyo in 1977. With several hundred schools currently operating around world, SHANE is always interested in finding new partners with which to grow. SHANE has English language learning programmes for everyone, from young children to adults. Franchising and master franchising opportunities are available.
...And many others!
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Talks & Legal Talks
Conference   Gain greater knowledge on the basics of franchising, legal aspects and trademarks in franchising as you attend these talks conducted during the show. RSVP is not required. Simply register your visit to FLAsia.

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International Conference, Roundtable Discussions (14 October 2016)
Empower yourself with the necessary knowledge and insight on the latest developments and opportunities in the franchise industry. Fees apply.
Keynote: How Kumon Helps Their Franchisees Succeed in Diverse Markets
Allan Menagh, General Manager, Kumon Singapore

A lot has been said by marketers about segmentation of customers and positioning your unique offering. In the education sector across Asia, you see it every time companies launch into a market. However, launching an education brand is not what sustains it. Many companies seem confused by this difference and then experience limited expansion.

Kumon is a marketer’s nightmare. However, at its core educationally is the original insight by the Founder, in the 1950’s that the individualisation of education will reap greater learning harvests and indeed become the mainstream of education in the 21st Century. Around this is the legacy of the Founder whereby continuous improvement is undertaken in all aspects of the franchise so that franchisees benefit from an ever-evolving, ever-improving system, materials, promotions and position which has greater value each year.

A fundamental lesson for education franchises is to have education franchises is to have an educational core to their business that they hone and improve around.
Joey Garcia Topic 1: Navigating Different International Markets: Opportunities and Challenges
Joey Garcia, General Manager - International Franchise, Minor Food Group

Going international or global requires a substantial amount of investment. This includes time, money and resources. As you move into unfamiliar and unpredictable territory, many QSR brands face serious setbacks by failing to recognise the unique challenges posed by differences in cultural environments, political and economics. Proper market studies and due diligence on challenges as well as the opportunities in entering a new market will help you set more realistic goals to increase your sales and profit as you tap into new growth markets.

Franchising is a great way to develop a recognisable brand and build your system growth when executed well in international markets. However, equal to these opportunities are pitfalls that may lead you to failure and regrets. It is clear that in order to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, franchises must understand the underlying principles of international expansion, after all your goal is not just temporary international expansion, but rather profitable and long term viability.
Tom Luczynski Topic 2: International Expansion – Navigating and Sustaining the Market
Tom Luczynski, Group Vice-President, Orkin

Expanding internationally in today’s global marketplace is a growth opportunity that should not and cannot be overlooked by companies with a proven business model and with global appeal for its products and/ or services. While the decision to expand beyond the home borders must be well thought out and fully supported by management, the challenge to go global is increasingly inspiring. Navigating the path forward and then providing the necessary resources on an on-going basis to succeed and prosper is the basis of a successful global expansion initiative.
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